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The Diamond Eye is captivating at many levels (skilled sniper female, fast-paced, Russia’s role in World War II…). The language is entertaining; the finale is an epitome of nail-biters. The men are handsome, the women strong. But what I found interesting is that the protagonist, Lady Death, as well as Eleanor R. are written in first person.

As an author I learned a lot. Because, I have a great deal of trouble with voice.

I find the first-person narrative conveys an emotional depth that sounds false in the third person. Yet, a narrator can do world building and scene creation with greater freedom. Kate Quinn creates the snowy expanse of Odessa and Sevastopol

with the ease of a narrator and also manages to make the protagonist smart, sexy and skilled. And funny.

I am grappling with what voice to use for my next book. Ms. Quinn’s technique is to label the chapters with the voice and also not to switch voice too often (I did that for my debut fiction, perhaps causing confusion for some readers). She also uses different fonts. All that makes it very readable, and one does not think of voice.

It is easier for me to write in first person because I get into that character’s head. But my books are peopled with many characters and my next book is science fiction. So, what to do?

The Diamond Eye has given me a clue. Also, I loved the book for its storytelling as well as scene-setting.

And there were parts where it brought a lump to my throat.